Why I am Running

I am running because our government is not working.  It is not working for the people of our district and our representatives in Washington are not representing the people they are elected to serve.  I am running because, as an Environmental Scientist, I care about protecting the future of our planet.  I will fight to protect the natural beauty of our district while not hindering economic growth or opportunity.  I am running because I have proven experience of working across the aisle to find creative solutions to complex problems–working in the Environmental Protection Department of an Oil Company wins you no friends.  I am running for my students who were being held back not because of their intellect, but because of bad systems and a government that failed them.  I am fighting to protect access to free, quality public education, a cornerstone of our American democracy.  I am running because I see families being torn apart by bad immigration policies and I will fight to protect my family and all the families in my district.  I am fighting for all Americans to have Universal Health Care with improved access to Mental Health care.  I am fighting because too many of us have lost loved ones to the opioid crisis, and it is far past time we find a responsible way to deal with a public emergency that is ravaging our communities.   I am running because our justice system has for too long been unjust for too many and I will fight to protect justice and stand for the principles laid out in our great US Constitution.  I am running for my family, and I am running for yours.  I will fight for my family and I will fight for yours too!


The stock market is at an all-time high and corporate profits are rising, but the average worker is not seeing any benefit.  Workers’ wages are not increasing proportionally and the cost of living is rising.  People working full-time should be able to support themselves and their families and not be left in poverty.  Too many people in our district, especially children, are living in poverty.  We need to increase investment in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure with a focus on green jobs and green technologies.  I will fight to ensure that we eradicate child poverty, raise workers’ wages, repeal the disastrous Trump tax scam, and provide funding for infrastructure projects needed in our district.


Our environment is under attack by the current administration.  Environmental regulations are being repealed, our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams are being polluted.  The United States needs to be a leader in environmental protection but instead we have pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Climate change deniers are running the country and putting our future at risk.  Science is under attack from our government.   I believe our district sending an Environmental Scientist to Congress will send the message that we care about protecting our environment and investing in a green economy.  As your Congressman, I will lead the fight to invest more in green technology, green jobs, combatting climate change and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.  This will not only ensure we protect our land, air and water but make our nation safer and more sustainable.  I will fight to protect the one planet we have because good environmental policy is good economic policy.


American students are falling behind their international peers in public education.  We used to be the leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship.  Now, student loan debt is crushing American students and is a threat to our economy.   We need to once again make US public education best in class.  The US needs to establish universal pre-K to ensure all students have a chance to succeed, regardless of their ZIP Code.  There needs to be less federal oversight of standards—we need to let teachers teach, and not teach to a test.  As your Congressman I will fight to increase school funding for schools in our district, work to increase teacher pay, craft a bipartisan solution to student loan debt and partner with businesses to ensure our students are learning the skills necessary to be successful in life. 

Health Care  

Access to affordable, high-quality healthcare is a fundamental human right, not a privilege, and I will fight to ensure that all Americans can fully exercise this right.  I believe it is time that the United States joins the rest of the industrialized world in providing universal healthcare, as the vast majority of Americans are demanding.  I will fight for increased access to quality Mental Health services as our nation’s current system is inadequate and dangerous.  I will work to end the opioid epidemic that is sweeping our country and destroying families and communities in our district.  I will fight until every American has access to publicly funded, world-class healthcare.

Criminal Justice Reform

America is supposed to be the Land of the Free, yet we have the highest incarceration rate of any industrialized nation.  Even more alarming, incarceration rates are disproportionately high in communities of color.  For-profit prisons are destroying our nation.  Public defenders are highly underfunded, leaving many people without competent legal representation.  The US needs to begin rehabilitating prisoners, stop locking up non-violent offenders, eliminate the cash bail system, and end the failed war on drugs.  As a congressman, I will work to ensure that the justice system in our country works for everyone and not just for the wealthy few.  I will fight to remove the Schedule I classification of marijuana so we stop wasting tax payer dollars arresting people for possession in localities where voters have decided to make it legal.  As your Congressman, I will fight to put Justice back into our Justice System.


Why I am Asking for Your Support

We need a true Representative in Washington, someone who will be the voice of the people in our district.  It is my firm belief that a Congressman is employed by his constituents.  And, I hold close to my heart my liberal, Democratic values.  But as your Congressman, I will work with anyone, from any party on a solution that will improve the lives of those in our district and throughout the United States.  We must stop seeing all Republicans as our enemies and listen to the concerns of all Americans.  When we create bipartisan solutions to our problems, America becomes stronger and more prosperous.  I am a next generation leader seeking to serve my country and my community in the best way I know how, by being a reasonable voice to those without one and bringing common sense, compromise and civility back to Washington.  I have fought for tougher environmental oversight and stricter environmental regulations and I won. I have stood up and fought for my students’ rights to access a quality, free public education.  While I have won many battles, the fight to make America the best she can be will never end.   I am still standing up and I am still fighting.  I will fight for you and together, we will win.

“let’s put science back in the government by sending our own scientist to Washington”